Agency bottles

Bottle Design

To ensure prescription-strength ingredients stay potent for as long as possible, Agency bottles are designed with an airless pump. Rather than dispensing your formula through a tube or straw, our bottles essentially vacuum the formula from the base up to the top. 

This design prevents excess oxygen from coming into contact with your formula, protecting the ingredients inside and keeping contaminants out. No clogs, no fuss, more prescription power!

Tips for using our airless pump bottles:

  • You might experience a few empty pumps before the product comes out. This is completely normal for airless dispensing systems.
  • Make sure the top of your bottle is screwed on tight. This helps ensure a tight seal on the airless pumping mechanism and should ensure seamless dispensing.
  • Don’t try to open the bottle! This can damage the airless pumping mechanism. However, when you’re almost out of the formula, it's okay to unscrew the top to get every last drop.
  • If you’re not getting any product after five pumps (or 10-30 if your bottle has sat untouched for a period of time), you should prime the pump. To do this, put the cap on, hold the bottle upside-down, and gently tap the top of the bottle against a flat surface.

Having trouble with your bottle even after priming it? Email our Success Team

If you're having trouble with a bottle you've had for a while, you may be running low on your formula. You can view when your next shipment is scheduled via your Shipment Page.

Bottle Sizes

Our bottles come in two sizes. All Agency members get a small bottle with their free trial that typically lasts 30 days with regular use. After the trial period, all members will receive a large, two-month bottle every 60 days. You will receive one or two bottles with each shipment depending on if you are using the Future Formula, the Dark Spot Formula, or both. 

Bottle storage

It is essential to keep your bottle out of extreme temperatures as this can affect your formula. We recommend storing your Agency prescription formula in your bathroom at room temperature.

Extremely hot temperatures may cause the formula to separate, so avoid leaving the bottle in hot areas or in strong, direct sunlight (like on the dashboard of your car). We get that these things can happen! So in the event your bottle has spent too much time in the sun, we advise turning the bottle upside-down and rotating it back and forth 15-20 times to help return the formula to its regular consistency. Separation won’t change the efficacy of your formula, so it’s fine to continue using it!

On the other hand, extremely cold temperatures may cause a gritty or clumped texture which can make your mix harder to pump or uncomfortable to apply. If possible, don’t leave a package out in cold temperatures or store your formula in a cold car or refrigerator. 

Again, a change in texture won’t make the formula less effective, so it’s still safe to use, however, if it’s too hard to pump the formula, or you find the texture unappealing, our Success Team can help you with the issue.